Thursday, May 10, 2012

Poem: Love


Love is love, you say,
surprised at yourself,
and how fifty plus years have taught you
the difference

between passion and love,
each of which can live
or together, and each of which
have a life of their own.

Love is love you say,
and the words are not easy, fighting
a lifetime of being told what love is
and can not be,

having lived and lost love,
and found it again,
seen it in all it's forms,
rich and strong,
flamboyant and false.

Love is love you say,
the stuff of Corinthians,
deep and abiding, not needing
titles or paper, needing

only true hearts, faithful and kind,
enduring and unimaginably strong,
the stuff of God, when we allow it.

Love is love you say, knowing
that words flex and grow,
change and die,
yet love, love remains somehow,

lasting longer than words
or life itself,
ephemeral and enduring,
not the stuff of categories and labels,
but of God's own heart, more loving than our own.

Love is love you say.


This poem was inspired by the news today.

The picture was taken at Lake Anna, near Mineral Virginia, about a week or so ago. You can click on it for a larger version.


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