Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poem: After The Chocolate

After The Chocolate

After the chocolate is unwrapped and finished; 
after the dinner is done. 

After the card is read and put away in a drawer
or left in a pile on the table. 
After the evening is past with it's artificial romance
out of hallmark and a hundred different ads, 
there is this:

dedication and delight
in the one you love,
and that is surely, enough.


I hope my readers have a joyful valentine's day. 


Christine * Scattering Stars Art said...

I'm "Like"ing this one!

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful. Hope you and yours had a lovely V-Day. x

Neezes said...

Great stuff, I'm following your two blogs. I also have two (how do we find the time?) one on writing and one on psychology :)

Tom Atkins said...

Christine and Tess, thank you both.

Neezes - Thanks. I have been following yours as well. I went for the writing blog, but have found the other one as, if not more, interesting.