Sunday, January 16, 2011

Automation as a path to enlightenment

After a month of thinking and bouncing ideas around, I have finally come to some sense of how to re-direct Quarry House, and how to focus and tell site visitors what we do.

That was hard, actually, since there is such a variety of projects that we do. How to take such a disparate group of projects and make them make sense? Thank goodness for wordles, those word clouds that are such a part of the net these days. I took several diary entries and let software mark out the things that arose again and again in terms of importance, then let it create the graphic for me!

And here it is at the top of today's entry. And soon, as the splash graphic on my web site.

Sometimes, it's good to let others think for you. That is what I did here, taking lots of information and letting automation sift it for me, instead of doing it all myself. I like the results. I likely would have come to the same place, but not as well, as easily, or as graphically.

Of course, now the real work begins, to slowly change the site to match the actuality. Because I have changed faster than my site. Time to do some catch up!


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