Friday, November 13, 2009

Poetry: Dancing to Gregorian Chants

Dancing to Gregorian Chants

You pray
for the ones you love,
those dearest and distant,
whose laughter warms your soul,
whose touch warms your heart.

You pray
for those who have tried
and failed, tried
and grown
distant, tried
and try still.

You pray
thanks for the tiny gifts
God leaves around your world,
tidbits of beauty and kindness,
easily missed, yet
still a cocoon of love.

You pray
for wisdom, to know things
unknowable, to have faith in the future,
have faith in love,
faith in prayer itself.

You pray
for the peace you experience at sunset,
or in the first waking moments
when you lie beneath the flowered quilt
and listen to the singing of birds
outside your window.

You pray
a song with each small touch
of a hand against yours,
warmth beyond temperature,
a moment
of energy transferred
and created.

You pray
your sadness, of hurt,
of betrayal, of anger,
of wasted love and wasted years,
of scars that do not disfigure,
but pain you nonetheless.

You pray joy,
for a life truly lived,
for all it's flaws and mistakes,
that there is still life to live,
still hope to have,
still surprises and
laughter and candlelight

to light the way as you dance silently
to the eternal rhythm of Gregorian Chants,
songs of deepest devotion,
and prayer.


The picture was taken at a Cathedral in Montreal, Canada. Unfortunately I didn't make note of the name, but you can still click on it for a larger version.

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FireLight said...

"Still surprises and
laughter and candlelight"

I really, really love this....and can almost hear the chant as I read it. I will be back for this one!