Monday, November 16, 2009

Poem: Rain


Rain has a way
of distorting
all we see,
darkening it,
twisting it,
making it sadder,
than reality,
so wisdom
lies in waiting
for the rain to lift,
and choosing to see
even when it is not there,
and holding to the promise
that rain
never lasts.


The picture was taken in London, through the windshield of a boat on the Thames. You can click on it for a larger version.



Shadow said...

rain hugs me. it brings together. it sprouts new life. i like rain. and once it passes and the drops light up like jewels by the rays of the sun, well, that is even better...

willow said...

For me, there's nothing more enjoyable than a deliciously gray, rainy day. Love, LOVE the photo!!! said...

Rain never lasts! We have a promise! Very helpful thoughts.

ann said...

if memory serves me well, you didn't get to enjoy sunshine that trip... probably the most appropriate line then would have been rain rain go away...

i've also just written a rain poem - praying for it