Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thoughts: On motivation

Long time readers with extraordinary memories might remember a post from a couple of years ago where I talked about A Whle New Mind by Daniel Pink. It was, for me, a capturing and quantifying with facts some thoughts I had felt for a long time about the changing nature of work. It still remains the book I probably buy and give away to colleagues and friends more than any other.

Pink is about to come out with a second book, called DRIVE, the surprising things that motivate us. He talks about the general premise in this talk to the TED conference and he's done it again.

I've long realized that I seemed to have different motivations in work, more looking for intrinsic things than external things. As long as the money was good, what I did, and how I got to do it was as important, if not more so, than the raw dollars I made doing it.

I thought I was weird. Turns out I may be pretty normal.

Do I think it's important? Yeah, I do. Because it turns some "common knowledge" about motivation on it's head and yet, backs it with a diverse array of facts. And I think it's important because it has implications not just for work, but anywhere you want to motivate people, in the family, or in church leadership... anywhere.

So check out the video, or take the time to read one of his books. I'm already in line for DRIVE!!



Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

Always good to know we're normal! Just listened to Mr Pink; I have always been bad at the candle problem-type problems - no matter what the reward! Interesting viewpoint.

The WV is euedumb. Mr Pink might well ask!

Margie said...

I have put this book on my list to read.

Thanks for sharing!