Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poem: A Sudden Wakening

A Sudden Wakening

You wake,
if the light you see

is morning,
the beginning
of the day's joy,

or night,
where all around you
fades to black;

and you hesitate,

to step out in the not quite light,
afraid you might be left
alone and stumbling

hungry, always hungry
for the light.


The picture is of the trees behind my house. Kudos to my visiting Mom, who saw this out the back door and pulled me from my reading to enjoy, and capture, the moment. You can click on the picture for a larger version.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful awakening! Good job!! Thanks for sharing!

Shadow said...

make that 'hungry for the day's joy'. lovely awakening...

Delwyn said...

hi tom

that is a lovely light you have captured...the cloud behind the tree is full of life...

The light of a new day does promise new joys, but the night replenishes the body and mind and rests the soul...to do its own work in the quiet and in the darkness...

Happy days

Margie said...

Incredibly beautiful photo!
Your poem is wonderful.
I so look forward to the light of each new morning ...
the joys of the day await.
Thank you!