Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poem: On watching Obama take his Oath.

On watching Obama take his Oath

The crowd is breathtaking,
and the temptation
is to see only a sea of people,
not the individual faces
and hearts that have come

on this day, at this hour,
to be part of the rebirth of hope,
heart by heart,
making that hope

something more than a passive wish,
stirring the courage to give it life,
to give it sinew and heart, a soul
that reflects not some siren song,

but a longing, long dormant,
that dares to reach upward and cry,
Yes, God, I believe in your love,
not for nations and churches,
but for me. Me!

And believe it not in words,
but actions, work, effort,
and together, only together,

life from ashes,
light from darkness,
love from loss.


The picture is not mine. It's an AP shot. But it illustrated the poem, and is striking in it's own right.


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