Friday, October 3, 2008

Stealing as Missionary Work

I have a bad habit of leaving my car unlocked when I am running errands. My head knows people steal things, even in a rural community like mine, but I forget when I am running around. Today as I ran to get some office supplies, I ran inside to pick up a couple of things and five minutes later I came back out and someone had been in my car and gone through it. Fortunately I don't keep much of anything IN my car, so all they got was a 3 CD set of worship and praise music, and two CD's that had sermons on them from my church.

The same thing happened about 18 months ago while I was on a mission trip in Appalachia, when someone rummaged through my car and took off, again with some Worship and Praise CD's, one Jackson Brown CD, and my travel bible.

I guess I should be upset, but as I drove home, I had to laugh. Someone meant me bad, but in the end, they ended up with Christian Music and a bible! That makes stealing from my car almost like missionary work!

God can make good come from bad.


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