Thursday, May 15, 2008

About This Blog

Like each of us in our lives, this blog's life has been a journey. It's first lease on life was strictly commercial, a simple ploy to draw customers into an agency that I was once a partner in. I would occasionally throw in a poem I had written or a picture I had shot, and to my surprise, more people viewed and commented on these personal expressions than the more commerce-driven entries.

Changes in Blogger and changes in my own life contributed to changed here. Once, hiccups in Blogger simply closed my blog down; made it disappear and Blogger, while a wonderful and free service, is not in the resurrection business. Once a blog has disappeared, it is gone forever. Once I just shut it down, overwhelmed by events and unsure of direction.

Disappearing blogs do not have cosmic consequence, but it is interesting that in both cases, the disappearing blogs seem to hit about the time major life changes were happening in my own life. Life changes of course, whatever form they take, are times of re-evaluation, times to review and rethink, and often to change.

Which brings us to this blog. It's focused on creativity in many forms. I am a poet, writer, artist and photographer, but I happen to think creativity comes in all forms. I've known tremendously creative plumbers, engineers and housewives, so you will get a lot of variety here. You'll find some creative tidbits of my own - poems and photographs and short essays on whatever pops into my mind from time to time. You will also find links to sites that inspire, teach, and make me think, and that I think other creative people might find useful.

Regular visitors will probably notice a fair number of Christian references. I have a deep sense that faith and creativity are intrinsically linked, and feel that somehow, the Church has, in a few hundred years, gone from the center of creativity in the world, to being a place where creativity is often looked at askance, and worse, often discouraged. I see signs that that trend may be changing however, and when I find encouragements and helps for Christian creatives, I like to make them available for others to find and use.

Last of all, I hope to eventually localize this blog, finding local artists, poets, and creative people of all stripes and colors to showcase here. So stay tuned and see what I find.

The poems, photographs and essays are copyrighted. I probably don't mind you using them with attribution, but I'd appreciate you asking. Likewise, when I use something that is not mine, I'll give the author, artist or photographer full credit.

Thanks for visiting. I hope this little blog is a blessing to you.

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