Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thoughts: Simplify

Above my desk is a sign that says "Simply". This has been a motto of mine for the past few years, as I have come to understand what the complexity we turn life into does to us, or at least does to me. It robs us of focus, keeps us scattered, distracts us from what is important, and generally is not necessary. We generally create the madness in our own lives.

I have been all over the place with blogs and social media,thinking that the people who read my creativity thoughts might not want to read my poetry, and neither of them would have any interest in my thoughts on personal development or marketing or life in general. So I had separate place for all those people to go and read.

But I have decided it's time to consolidate. So as of this morning I am moving all the blogs here. So if you see some new type entries, that's why. The other blogs have been imported here. The focus will still be on poetry and photographs, but the thoughts shared here will likely be more varied, and more frequently shared.

For me, this simplifies life further. And for you readers, of whom I have become fond over the years, I hope you find some new things that are interesting, worth reading, and helpful.


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