Monday, February 27, 2012

Poem: The Fall

The Fall

You listen.
You listen to the torrent
of feelings,
like swords clashing
against themselves,
steel against steel in their certainty,
constant conflict,
a duel, a dance,
a siren song
that draws you in,
and tosses you off the cliff,
unsure if you are falling
in love,
or to your death. 


This poem has lingered, almost done, for ages. I would re-read it and re-read it, unable to figure out how to get it right. Yesterday it came to me. I changed one word and the rest was right. I'll leave it to you to imagine what word that might have been. 

The picture was taken down the road from me, near River Road on the way to Pawlet, VT. You can click on it for a larger image. 


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