Monday, August 1, 2011

Poem: Meditation on Life

Meditation on Life

The skull sits on velvet,
mocking any permanence you conjor
in your mind, in your heart, knowing
that in times, you will become his twin,

you learn to dance,
share your wonderment like a child,
sing with abandon in the midst of strangers,
leave love in the laps of chidren,
create, even badly,
dare to fail,
dare to succeed,
dare to touch others,
and more frighteningly,
dare to let them touch you.


The picture was taken at the Sterling Renaissance Festival yesterday, as I visited there with my son and daughter. You can click on it for a larger version.



Mark Kerstetter said...

I never expected to see a picture of a skull on your blog.

There's nothing more depressing than walking amongst the living dead. Regardless of what one's beliefs about an afterlife are, there's no excuse not to learn the dance of life - today.

Margie said...

Tom, your words are so touching!
I especially loved these words ...

*share your wonderment with a child
leave love in the laps of children.

Thank you!