Wednesday, May 18, 2011


From time to time it's good to step back and look at what you have done, where things are going, what makes an impact and what does not, and I have been doing that on Quarry House recently. One of the things I have been reviewing is this blog. I have been writing it for about a year, and I am stepping back, looking at readership, comments and e-mails people have sent me to see if I seem to be on a good track not just for myself, but for those who read this.

What have I learned?

First of all, not a lot of people come here. The readership here is way less than the readership of my poetry and photography blog. That's not a huge disapppointment, as this has been something of an experiment for me. How many people read The Creativity Blog has been less important to me than what the ones of you who read had to say, or where I touched people and where I haven't.

Secondly, I get more reader feedback when I write something personal than when I just supply a cool or interesting link. There are a lot of blogs and sites that aggregate cool places to get inspiration and information and are more focused on that as a business. Where I seem to make a difference is when I write something about my own experience and thoughts. That seems to touch people and do more of my readers good than information. When I do this, readership seems to go up, people who visit for the first time seem to stay longer, and I get the sense that I touch more people.

Third, I learned that most of you hate the Google Ads. You don't seem to mind ads for things to do with this blog and it's focus, but don't like the randomness of what Google picks to show here. 

So I will begin to shift my focus here. Look for less posts, but more personal ones, and ones that are about my thoughts and understandings, than just passing on ideas and information. And look for less ads, or at least more focused one.

Thank you readers, for your time, and for your feedback. I appreciate it, and hopefully together we'll move this to a blog that will touch more people on their own path to creativeness.


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