Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creativity and Spirituality

I have long been aware of two voices within myself. The one is demanding, fearful, clamoring to be heard. It tends to be loud and easily hurt - quick to feel rejected. At the same time, even in moments of extreme emotional upset, I am aware of a still small voice saying, "You really know better than to react like this. Isn't this rather childish?" 

That quote came from a 1997 journal entry I found out on the web that deals with spirituality and creativity. While it's not startling information, it is a good reminder of things creative spirits often need a reminder OF. so it may well be worth your reading.

Speaking of reminders, I am reading a 2006 book by Julia Cameron, Finding Water, which focuses on perseverence in the creative life. It is partially a reminder of the things in her groundbreaking book "The Artists Way.", but continues the journey of that book, being very aware of how we can get worn down in the world, and how we need recharging, rebuilding, refocusing, to prevent that erosion. That's a dear topic to my own heart because there have ben times in my life that I have let that erosion nearly sweep me away. If you find life pulling away at the bits of your own creative spirit, this is a good book for you to read. Her approach is a spiritual one as well.


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