Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Panic as the mother of creativity

I am not a fan of creating fast, but at times, panic is the mother of creativity. This afternoon, for instance, the executive director of CentrePoint, a ministry that I am working with, let me know that the newspapers were running an article on the ministry in Thursday's paper. Could I have a web site up by then?

My first response was no way. I had a full days' work today, and tomorrow I was traveling to a client site, then driving to DC, probably not getting there until late Wednesday night. Thursday morning I was committed at client sites again.

But as I looked at my schedule, I had one hour and little more kind of free in the afternoon. I had an idea for a minimalist design I could implement, maybe. But still there was the final design, the copy, the organization, the coding for search engines, etc. Probably impossible.

But I dove into it. And in 55 minutes, had this. Is it perfect? No. But being forced to do it fast meant I didn't spend a lot of time building my own roadblocks, getting in my own way. Every minute was spend creating and the impossible is now on line.

Now, I don't recommend this for every creative project, but it is a good reminder that we can be creative on demand sometimes, if we don't spend too much time telling ourselves we can't. I'll revise this site considerably in the weeks to come, but now I know it IS possible and won't be so fast to say "I can't" if there is chance I really can.

Anyone else have a story where speed was the impetus for creativity? I'd love to hear your tale. 


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