Monday, November 1, 2010

Tell Stories, not slides

I have to give a presentation next week to the Society of Broadcast Engineers, and I was dreading it. Not the actual presentation, because I love giving talks on anything I know anything about. But using powerpoint? Ugh!

I've done so many power points for so many years that no matter what the trick I use, I still just find them boring. And if the presenter finds them boring..... The audience can just bring their pillows.

But I stumbled on an alternative, not just another slide show program, but an altogether different way of doing presentations, called Prezi, that moves dynamically. Very cool. Very easy. Totally different! You can try it for free.

Check it out at



Merisi, Vienna said...

Thank you for the very interesting link,
I bookmarked it, who knows, one day .... ;-)

Tom Atkins said...

You're more than welcome. I just used it for my first presentation and it wowed everyone there!