Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The power of Business Cards

I am in the midst of a creative re-organization here at Quarry House. After moving to Vermont, I sort of let things slide here, preferring to focus on building relationships first, getting settled in, and adjusting to the wonderfully absurd commute to Washington, DC. I continued to serve existing clients, but I really didn't do any new work to speak of.
But now those things are sort of in place, or at least in equilibrium, it's time to rethink a bit.

It's a luxury, I know. I know I can live on what I make at Diversified, and there is no need to clutter my life and rob my time with projects or work I don't really enjoy, so part of the re-organizing is a rethink of what I want to do, where my passions are, what to focus on, and then of course (since I AM a marketing guy, after all), refocus on branding myself and making the message (once I re-define it) stronger.

Along comes this article on business cards. I am always telling my own clients that two of the most powerful, and least invested in marketing tools are their logo, and their business card. These 28 examples really makes the point with several examples of powerful and impactful business cards.

How much did it impact ME? Well it got me totally rethinking my own cards. What about THAT?


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