Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poem: Song of the Stones

Song of the Stones

Your steps are stone, unchanged,
sure of themselves, self righteous,
incapable of growth,
incapable of transformation,

locked away from humanity
or hope, capable only of hardness
able only to slowly decay
into dust.


These words were inspired by a post by my dear friend and pastor at the church I last attended in Virginia, Welspring Presbytarian. In his note he wrote: The thing about self-righteousness is is that it doesn't believe in deep personal transformation - I mean it doesn't believe in the gospel. It doesn't believe in grace. It just simply thinks it can measure up on its own. It says to Jesus, "You can come this close to me... and no further."

The photograph was taken in Rome. You can click on it for a larger version.



Derrick said...

Tom, I might argue that faith can bring its own self-righteousness; an absolute certainty in the proper, the only path.

Are these pillars in the Forum? There is a similar grouping (only two pillars) at the Forum in Arles, France, known locally as the two widows.

FireLight said...

I have a powerful belief in Grace...and pray is saves me from self righteousness. Your pastor is a wise one.

Your perspective is always so interestingly & quietly waiting in the wings.. off to the side...then with such clarity and truth takes center stage!