Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poem: Meditating on Newport Beach

Meditating on Newport Beach

You sit, your eyes close, and listen
to the soft rush of water, rhythmic,
punctuated with the distant sound
of gulls, crying in the distance.

Your toes feel the sand, warm and grainy,
each tiny shred of silica distinct somehow,
and yet, at the same time,
part of something larger.

In the distance, you hear thunder,
a low rumble, so distant it does not threaten,
but merely reminds you that all sunshine
is passing.

You are here, and not here,
alive to all that is, so acutely aware
of the moment that you near tears
of joy, aware not just of what is

in this perfect moment,
but what has been let go:
pain, sorrow, the past, pain;
and in that letting go,

you do not, as you fear,
lose any part of your soul,
but instead, open yourself
to now, and now, and now.


The picture was taken at Newport Beach, Rhode Island. You can click on it for a larger version.




Derrick said...

Always better to live now, Tom, than linger in the past or long for the future.

Tom Atkins said...

Amen my friend!