Monday, March 1, 2010

Poem: Forever Ice

Forever Ice

Crystalline ice coats every limb and twig,
catching the grey light of early morning,
transforming the dirt path
into a palace drive, an ascent

frozen, cold and stunning,
up and over the mountain,
to the next frozen valley,
the mark of the winter

that has life's landscape
solidly in it's icy grip,
a grip so strong and lasting
that it would be easy to believe

in a forever season.
But God's forever
is not the forever he burdens
on his children, he knows us

and knows we cannot bear
eternity, either warm or frigid,
and so... the seasons,
a change of warmth and light,

of rain and dry,
ever changing, even when,
or perhaps particularly when,
life seems cast in forever ice.


Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

'Forever Ice' seems very appropriate! I like the dirt path becoming a palace drive. Good point to remember after the next fall!

FireLight said...

Hello Tom....we cannot bear forever cast in ice....lovley ever.
I so enjoy your craft.