Friday, February 12, 2010

Poem: Valentine's Day

Valentines Day

The seas
are often stormy,
harsh and unfair,
filled with pain,
filled with fear,
in the night,
in not knowing
in the dark hours
you are being cast
upon the rocks,
or sent to an endless see
of nothingness.
There is no escaping
these storms. Wherever
you flee
they will follow,
in different form perhaps,
tornadoes or blizzards,
earthquakes and fires,
they follow us like air,
and so these brief moments
of peace,
with you held close,
when the sun shines warm in the afternoon,
are precious,
fuel for the battered soul.


The picture was taken near Newport, Rhode Island. You can click on it for a larger version.



Margie said...

Your photo is breathtaking and the poem is wonderful!
I so love the ending!
Thank you!


FireLight said...

Hello Tom...yes where ever you flee they WILL folllow...brief moment of peace with someone held close...that is what Valentine's Day is for...those we love...
Thank you.