Thursday, December 24, 2009

Poem: No Matter What (a Christmas Poem)

No Matter What

Here, it is cold, white and silent.
Steam from the river crystallizes
and collects on the trees
and the scene could be from yesterday
or a hundred years before.

Soon you will be home,
miles past this bend in the river,
to a place both new and old,
to celebrate a day
both new and old,
a celebration

of hope, of God's promise,
of his care not just for some world
or all mankind,
but for you, his child
whom he loves,
no matter what.


The picture is of a mill not far from my home in Vermont, just accross the NY border near Greenwich. I gave it the old style photo treatment to get the feeling of age. You can click on it to get a larger version.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I am humbled that you all take the time to visit here. When I look at the map of where you come from each day, I am reminded that our world is large, but the human spirit knows no boundaries, and that we all share a common heart and common yearnings. Have a blessed holiday, all of you.


PS - Here is the map from yesterday:

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Shadow said...

thank you for the 'no matter what' poem. merry christmas, it's been a pleasure visiting you through the year.