Friday, October 9, 2009

Poem: Jude 1:21-24

Jude 1:21-24

You pause and look in the mirror,
at the scars that riddle your forehead,
at the white gash on your arm,
all healed,
yet visible reminders
of the weakness of flesh.

You pause and look in the mirror
in wonderment at the scars,
far deeper, of the heart,
deeper and raw, still seeping
with sadness, and wonder
why they do not show,

except in the quiet of the night,
as you lie alone with your thoughts,
but not alone,
never alone, always cradled
by the same God

who all day long, filled your life with tiny blessings,
bright flowers, the taste of fresh bread,
the kindness of friends,
a lover's caress,
all balm,

to heal, and like the scars
in the mirror, to mark you
as one who has lived
beyond the pain,
to see the realness of life,
the flow of days of promise
that is already yours, even
if you do not see it


The picture was taken just down the road from my house. You can click on it for a larger version.


PS - I sometimes get e-mail from people when my poems seem kind of down, asking if I am "OK". I am fine, this is just what the muse sent me this morning. You never know.

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