Monday, October 19, 2009

About this blog

I've done freelance creative work for years. Along the way companies and people have tapped me to do copywriting, photography, product development, interior design, corporate re-engineering, facilitate brainstorming, marketing, design web sites, service design and a lot more. I've written plays, stories, and poetry. I've done drama and music, created choreography. I've run marketing for two companies and been a partner in an ad agency. I've done creative work for corporations, ministries and individuals. I've taught creativity and done talks and workshops on the power and development of creativity.

Along the way, I have developed a keen interest in how creativity works, and how it's put to work. The variety is endless and every day I read things and stumble on things that I think are just plain interesting. This blog is where I share some of them.

My hope? That you dear reader, will find some of this stuff useful and interesting too. And perhaps, along the way, will add comments and thoughts to stimulate others imagination. So poke around. Enjoy. Drop me a line if you like. Send me ideas or links. Enjoy the ride!

Tom Atkins

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Kathleen said...

What a fascinating blog! I'm kind of generalist creative. My training and career has been mostly journalism, but I, too, have been tapped for many "outside the box" tasks for marketing, product development, design, and such. Five years ago, I decided to see if all those layers of years as a journalist had left me like a sedimentary rock. But I discovered I actually have the capacity to write fiction--and I LOVE it. I spent some time playing with the flash fiction form ( and enjoyed it. As for blogging, I love the "magazine" quality of it, being able to write and "illustrate" for maximum impact. Come visit sometime at my central site: