Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poem: Of Open Doors

Of Open Doors

Your heart is pierced
with a sorrow not your own,
a sorrow deep in the soul
of your beloved,

a soul trapped
in fear of light places,
fear of falling darkness
that never lifts,

that makes the open door feel
like a trap.


The picture is from the American Frontier Museum in Staunton, Va. You can click on it for a larger version.



FireLight said...

Life's terror and beauty ... nothing is ever what it once seemed to be.
The open door as a trap...brings to the mind's eye the way innocent, wild creatures are caught by civilization disguised as man.

willow said...

It's sad to think of an open door as a trap. I like to think of them as new beginnings.

Peaceful and evocative photo, Tom.

The lady in Red said...

Dear Tom, we say in Portuguese that "when one door closes, another one will open". As we never know exactly what will happen in a new opportunity, new jorney, new situation, maybe something sad can happen, but this is LIFE...the game of life...we can´t control anything!

Best wishes,

Shadow said...


Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

It must indeed be awful for anyone who is unable to embrace the freedom of the open space. Instead, shrivelling inside.

Leonora said...

I loved this museum! It was easy to get lost in the past,imagining myself in a faraway country of long ago. It's a beautiful photo and easily brings the memories of the place to surface.

Choices said...

A different twist on what an open door means. I've always knew that an open door meant a new beginning.