Thursday, August 20, 2009

Poem: Surrender


You surrender
to fear,
to love,
to temptation,
to folly,
to the impulse to dance,
to the shyness always lurking within,
to your past,
to the taste of cold champagne,
to God,
to Satan,
to safety and walls.

You surrender
to lies, the ones you hear
and the ones you tell yourself,
to the charm of small children,
to the whirl of activity,
or the peace of introspection,
to the journey,
to choice,
to chaos and maelstroms of your own mind,
to the lure of power,
or the belief you have none.

You surrender,
and only you
to what.


My apologies. I had no photographs to illustrate surrender, so I am pictureless today.



willow said...

Pity the poor soul who never surrenders.

Margie said...

You covered it all.
Wonderful...thank you!

*You surrender
and only you
to what.
(that is so very true)


Shadow said...

you've outdone yourself today, this is the truth... only you decide what you surrender to.

Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

Somehow I think we imagine that we only surrender to "bad" things, whereas we just accept and enjoy the good ones!

ann said...

surrender -- or submit -- or just give in because it's easier that way ... so many possibilities