Monday, August 17, 2009

Poem: Sight


You don't like them.
Wrong as it seems
they make you ill,
cause bile to rise
and make you gag
even at the slightest taste,
and yet,

You see their beauty,
revel in their color
and the many things
that come from them
that you love,
and you hope

you can approach life the same way,
that even those
who make you ill
will have a beauty
and more importantly
that beyond your distaste,
you can see that beauty,
and revel in it's gift.


Yes, I really do gag trying to eat tomatoes, yet cook them down, add your spices and I love many things that come from them. And their beauty? They are undeniably beautiful. This shot was taken at the Dorset Farmer's market. You can click on it for a larger version.



annraven1 said...

... and I believe cooked down they have anti-carcinogenic (sp?) properties, particularly for the male of the species...


Tom Atkins said...

Cooked down, with spices, I can deal with. Good to know!