Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poem: Light Never Dies

Light Never Dies

The light flickers,
blown, despite the glass walls,
by the night wind
that winds down the mountains,
through the trees,
past the rustling creek below
and somehow,
works past the windscreens
to the flame,

Like life and your own walls,
afraid of the night, unsure
of the power
of light, unsure of it's persistance

and endurance, not believing,
despite the evidence, that it
will last until morning, and even
should the wind blow it out,
that in the face of darkness, God
will set his match to you
again and again, for he knows
what we do not, that light never dies.


The picture was taken in a friends garden. You may click on it for a larger version.



Shadow said...

this is outstanding, so full of hope and warmth and love.

Lyn said...

Great insight..I do think that when all matter has gone into energy, we will have, do have light!