Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thoughts: Everyday Grace

I rarely include writing of other's here, but this struck me as something worth reading and contemplating:

Examination of conscience is an ancient practice among Christians. In recent years "conscience" has been expanded to include consciousness. We look back on our day, focussing not so much on faults as on feelings, on what moved us. We look back on gifts as well as gaffes. There is a place for guilt, meaning a judgment that some things we did may have been stupid, self-indulgent, cowardly or unfair. There is a bigger place for gratitude, for intimations of affection, and for the moments that lifted our hearts and helped us to sense God's closeness and the sweetness of being alive.

It comes from Sacred Space, a virtual prayer site I frequent. It strikes me as a perfect example of "everyday grace", something we often don't give ourselves.

The picture was taken in Wells, Vermont. You can click on it for a larger version.



Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

We are perhaps too inclined to recall the frustrations of the day and overlook the "gifts", which we take for granted or see as unremarkable!

Dave King said...

You well right to include the text. Very thought-provoking.

willow said...

It's good to look on the gifts as well as the gaffes. Nice thoughts, Tom.

Shadow said...

that's a good message... said...

I love the photo. Gorgeous, idyllic setting, with mundane laundry. For some reason, that image perfectly captures consciousness for me. Clothes get dirty. Must be washed. Sunshine dries and purifies. Fresh green grass for walking on. Gentle breeze, crisp towels, sun-starched bluejeans.

Leonora said...

I really like this quote, Tom. I think having a bigger place for gratitude also makes it easier for one to forgive...and so much more.
Thanks for sharing!