Monday, July 13, 2009

Poem: Dusk



Listen to the wind
as it blows gently
down the mountain
and rustles the leaves
in a lullaby.

Close your eyes
and breathe
the sweet fragrance
that has waited here
for you all this time,

waiting for you
to come,
and sit,
and rest.


The picture was taken in a friend's garden near Sandgate, Vermont. You can click on it for a larger version.



Nivea Snow said...

Tom - You have taken me to a lovely place. How refreshing!

Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

I could sit there myself!

FireLight said...

Tom, this is such a peaceful poem...about the most peaceful time of day, and you brought back a rich memory of when I was the new kid on my street....30 years ago this summer! One of the elderly gentleman, a widower, a few doors down, used to sit on his front lawn in one of his old fashioned "fifties" metal chairs..and if I happened to be walking my dog...he would ask..."Won't you come sit down a few minutes? I am watching the evening come in." Last night, around eight, it was still light...but the air was cool and the light magical. I was walking my dog and went past Dr. Isbell's lawn...and I just paused and "watched the evening come in."

Shadow said...

you've trnsported me to a different place. and place of peace and rest and tranquility.

Lyn said...

Such a lovely poem..I feel that I am there, and welcomed! said...

I can just smell it!