Monday, July 6, 2009

Poem: At the Dorset Market

At the Dorset Market

You stand at the market stall,
enthralled by the color, entranced
by the possibilities of each fresh vegetable
stacked raw on the table.

Other walk by,
eyes dimmed by pain and sadness,
their lives full of shades of feeling,
their vision nearly monochrome,

and though the bright colors are in front of them,
they walk past, afraid, for they know
colors fail, fade, and sometimes die
before they make the food their own,

and rather than lose the color,
they move on, losing the moment of beauty
that could be theirs.
But you stand, and reach out, sure
the vibrancy will not last,

but grateful that for now at least,
it is before you, and you claim it,
and the joy of passing color,
for your own.


The picture was taken this weekend at the Dorset Farmers Market, in Dorset, VT. You can click on it for a larger version.



willow said...

Yes! Seize the day!

Delwyn said...

Hi Tom

I have taken many pics at my farmers' markets because of the sheer beauty of the produce - I am tempted to do it over and over again...

I know that feeling...

Happy Days

Derrick said...

Those carrots(?) would never make it to the supermarket, Tom. Far too un-uniform! LOL. But you're right, those veg's do have an exuberance and we should all be "alive" to their intrinsic beauty.

Shadow said...

why do i think this has nothing whatsoever to do with fruit and veg, but with taking what you have in front of you right now and making it yours, making it good???

Tom Atkins said...

Shadow - Poetry (or mine at least) rarely is about the images we write about, but rather how those images resonate in us and unleash memories, thoughts and feelings. But then, I have read your poetry and you certainly know that!