Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poem: Dangerous Muse

Dangerous Muse

You step into the night air
and feel its bite as you look skyward and see it:
the ghostly halo surrounding the moon
in a perfect pale circle,

A harbinger of bad weather, cold storms
still far beyond the mountainous horizon,
silent and stealthy, approaching
out of sight except for this faint ring of light.

But no matter. Long before the storms come,
before clouds cover the moon's soft glow,
or the first icy raindrops fall,
you will be gone,

safe inside your home, warm and protected
by walls and love and the power of life
that allows you to stand here and gaze
wonderingly and safe at this dangerous muse of light.


The picture, unlike most of them on this blog, is not mine. It is from the Flikr account of "CTD-2005" and is used with a Creative Commons permission.



Shadow said...

scary and comforting, all in one.

Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

Dark and shadowy, eerily bright! But we're safe and warm inside. Good photo you found!

FireLight said...

Tom, I just really love your work.
I find I can always count on the line that begins with "you"...the EVERYMAN pronoun which connects ME with the YOU that is the speaker in your work...the YOU that is TOM...and the YOU that is the rest of US! It is this signature of your work that draws me back, and that I miss very much when I have not had a chance to log-in to Quarry House. I have more reading to catch up on. What a joy it is to find your poems waiting here!
Glad you stopped by my little blogspot!

Dave King said...

That poem carried me along in a very enjoyable manner. Well crafted.