Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Moving Day, part 2

As some readers know, I recently moved from Virginia to Vermont, and with it, moved my blog from the old Summit Manor blog, to this one, named after my small house in West Pawlet that sidles up to an abandoned slate quarry. (This post tells the tale more completely.)

I kept the old blog because I did not want to erase my old poetry and photographs, and because I had a lot of readers who came there, first, then here, or a few who came here, and then went there to read older poems.

Bumbling through Blogger help files, I found I could transfer all my old posts to here, so now this one has the older and newer poems. I will no longer be updating the Summit Manor blog at all.

Thanks to all you who read and comment and allow my words into your life. I appreciate you.


PS - The picture is from a walking trail that runs seven miles from Rupert, VT to West Pawlet, VT. Called the D&H trail, for the railroad that used to run this route, it goes practically behind my house and affords wonderful views of fields, mountains and wetlands in south west Vermont. You can click on the picture for a larger view.


The lady in Red said...

Is Vermont a Paradise? The path on the picture is enchanting, it looks like a picture taken from a poem. Well, it is a good idea to update your newest blog! Have a nice week - moving,
Best wishes,

Tom Atkins said...

This time of year, Vermont IS a paradise. In winter though, there are feet of snow on the ground and the winters are long and bitter. Beautiful in their own way, but for many, harsh on the soul. I think because of the short growing season, spring is particularly fast and vibrant here, a miracle that unfolds so quickly that you can see the change day to day.

Derrick said...

Hi Tom,

I'm glad you've been able to amalgamate your blogs - to show the 'whole you'.

The bridge could lead us all on an adventure!