Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poem: The Next Step

The Next Step

You step out of the cavern,
your body still cool in the shadows,
your bare feet finding the first spot of sunshine,
it's warmth seeping through the skin,
dramatic in it's difference.

You stand, your eyes surveying the landscape,
lush and lively in the soft summer wind
you have not felt for so long.

You wait, allowing yourself to feel the cold
one last time, remembering it's bitterness,
the way it slowly seeped into your bones
rendering you something not quite yourself,
cold, shivering, afraid of the dark

in way that was untrue to your heart.
You wait, letting the memory flow over you,
then dissipate in the May air like dandelion seeds
and you step into the sun.


The picture was taken at Luray Caverns just yesterday. You can click on it for larger view.


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