Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poem: The Joy of Middle Age

The Joy of Middle Age

Your hand gently brushes away the snow on the birdfeeders,
clearing the way to the tiny finches to feed,
just another task as you face the nine inches
of snowfall that covers the landscape.

There is much to do, sidewalks to shovel,
a driveway to plow, cars to warm up and clear
of the hard underpinning of ice
blocking your vision.

It is hard to imagine the coming spring,
in this world of white, except
that you have lived long, and know
that no matter how hard the winter,

Spring lies in wait, and so
you smile in the cold February wind,
glad for the season of cold
that will make Spring's first blossom
more precious.


The picture is of a bird feeder in Rupert, Vermont, where they did indeed get 9 inches of snow. Contrast that to this picture of flowers (below) taken in my flower bed in from of my home in Virginia, about ten days ago. What a difference a few hundred miles make! You can click on the images for a larger version.


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