Sunday, January 4, 2009

Links on the creative process

My friend Chris Griffith is at it again - showing us how he takes a painting from ground zero to a finished work. I read Chris's blog regularly. It's always full of interesting comments and videos on an eclectic mix of things. But I like it best when he shows the steps in his painting. Too many people think art just "happens" and it's encouraging to see that instead it's a process, and to see it develop step by step. And I think it takes a certain amount of courage to do that, as often the creative process is messy, full of mistakes, backtracking, rethinking, redoing... My final poems, for instance, often bear little resemblance to how they start out. But unlike Chris, I rarely post the starting version, the middle version.... I only tend to post the finished work. So I don't just admire Chris's work, but his willingness to show the whole process.

I've recently discovered another blog where the writer sometimes does the same thing. It's called ARTIT, and well worth visiting.


PS - The photo is of flowers at the Roanoke Farmer's market, taken a few months ago. You can click on it for a larger version.

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