Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts: No picture. No poem.

This morning when I went outside to drive to my favorite coffee shop the skies were amazingly beautiful with vivid indigo and pink rimmed clouds, dramatic against the silhouette of the eastern mountains. Friends who know me well know I am rarely far from my camera, but today, I didn't grab it as I went out the door and so I was forced to simply enjoy the beautiful gift of the morning sky, fleeting and stunning.

That is the problem sometimes, with being a photographer or writer. There is something in us that is always looking at what we see as a photograph or a poem or story. But there are times to simply imbibe life, and take it in, and when we do, the reality is far broader, far more amazing than anything we manage to "create" from it.

The sky this morning for instance. I could have captured a lovely picture or two, but it would not have captured the spacious broad expanse of sky, only a portion of it. It would not have captured the mysterious pink hue that the dawning sun painted the trees and building around me with. It would have so much of that. But pausing, and simply basking in God's gift of beauty, was wonderful, a pure joy.

Oh, I will continue to "create" pictures and poems. That's just part of me. But it was good to be reminded of how anything I capture is only a tiny part of what is.

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