Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thoughts: Bringing Zen to Writing

I love good writing in all forms, be it poetry, fiction, non-fiction, even something as prosaic as a brief e-mail.

I've thought a lot about this because beyond my general love of writing, my work too, depends on words. In my other life (as in not being a poet, which while it is my first love, puts little bread on the table) as VP of a fairly decent sized technology firm, much of what I do involves writing - reports, proposals to clients, speeches, lesson plans, marketing materials, e-mails..... and while I think I do a pretty good job with most of these, I sometimes don't give it the thought perhaps I should.

Enter a recent article from one of my favorite sites (yep, one from the list over there on the right of this blog), Think Simple. This article is called "Bringing Zen to Writing". It's all about bringing a certain consciousness and clarity to writing, and whether you are an old pro, or new to writing a wide variety of materials, it's good, concise advice and a good read. So if you do a lot of writing, it's worth a visit.

The author of this blog is Tina Su, and it's worth spending some time there reading her other articles as well. She's one clear thinking young woman, and she heads each article with great photographs and links to the photographer. (You regular readers know how I love great photographs.)


PS: The picture is from Mystic Seaport, CT, of a boat and it's tools. you can click on it for a larger version.

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