Sunday, November 2, 2008


Regular readers know that more often than not, I publish poetry here, using it to help express feelings and thoughts. Very often, I use scenes and images from nature or gardens to illustrate those feelings. So I when I walk though the woods, or dig in my little flower beds, or capture some image on my camera, I am often both seeing the image, and thinking of what it touches and what it makes me think about and what feelings are flowing as a result of what I am seeing and experiencing.

But sometimes the beauty of what is around me just leaves me just so appreciative and overcome by the gift of that beauty, that I don't think about anything else at all. Yesterday was one of those days.

November 1st and a sunny day with temperatures around 70. The mountains here in Virginia are near their peak, vibrant with fall color. I drove up to Paint Bank, through mountainous Craig Country with the top down on the car, just surrounded by color, and spent the afternoon there, simply soaking it all in. No thinking, just getting lost in it all.

These pictures are from yesterday. You can click on them for a larger version.


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