Thursday, October 30, 2008

Info: Cool sites

This blog is about book design. Not the content, but the look of the book. Check it now and again and it's like taking a course in design!

Spaces Speak is from MIT, and it's about the architecture of sound. It's a book actually, fascinating to me, as a media engineer and a former sound guy. Several sample chapters are included here.

Voila is the first CD in a decade from Belinda Carlisle, former lead singer of the Go-Go's. Now though, it appears she is doing french cafe music, which is hard to find and which I have a huge weakness for.

Can we redefine the dictionary? Erin McKean thinks so. This is a fascinating lecture by a vibrant young mind.

Speaking of redefining, BMW is redefining the car. I am not kidding. Imagine a car with a "skin", not fenders, a skin that shifts shape, and when you get tired of the color, you can change. Interested? Check out this YouTube movie.

Fun, interesting stuff!


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