Thursday, September 25, 2008

Poem: Sunday's Prayer

Sunday's Prayer

It is raining outside,
and the debris of a day's work
is dimly lit by the rain spattered window.

To the stranger, it looks little enough,
but you know
the long hours it has taken, the effort

unseen that is part of what you do each day,
a struggle that matches the one in your heart,
just as unseen, just as dimly lit,

overcome by the window and colors outside,
by the light that is not yours, still.....
you know.

And you hold that knowing close,
waiting for the reflected light
to shine back on you, waiting

for someone else to see your colors,
even as you hide in the shadows.
Wait no longer. Stand in the sun

that is your own,
that comes from within, that defies
the rain, the shadows, and despair.

Let others see your truest light,
and more important, see it


The picture is from Mystic Seaport, CT. You may click on it for a larger version.


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