Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Information: Art and the Bible

What a nifty site! It's called Art and the Bible, and has been created and is maintained by contentecontent.com, an internet publisher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Bu don't worry, it's in English!

Have you ever found yourself in front of a famous painting wondering what it was all about? Imagine if you could know more about the image and the artist's treatment of the subject. Wouldn't this add to the beauty of the experience? Art and the Bible offers background information on famous paintings and biblical themes.

Throughout the history of art great masters have turned to the Bible for inspiration. As an near inexhaustible narrative source depicting all conceivable aspects of the human condition it allowed the artist to express his piety while getting away with murder. And as often as not the work would have been commissioned by a religious institute, so that the subject matter was dictated beforehand by the prospective buyer.

Art and the Bible has collected pictures of hundreds of famous paintings and linked them to their corresponding Bible passage - the passage the artist may have read. They have also provided information on the paintings themselves.

Want a daily dose of biblical art? There are several ways for you to receive a fresh picture from Art and the Bible every day: an iGoogle gadget, a Mac OS X widget, and plain RSS feeds.



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