Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poem: A Place of Peace

A Place of Peace

A single wood duck swims with her children
over rippled water, dappled with light,
past the spreading roots of ancient cypress,
the water reflecting the bright sky

and the forest that surrounds you.
Wind rustles through the trees,
and water dances over the rugged beaver dam.
A bass jumps and splashes far in the distance

as you sit an a rough hewn bench
in front of the log cabin
your father and grandfather built before you were born.

This is your place of peace,
where the world does not reach,
where your soul dances with God
no matter the weather of your life.

Here you are reminded that beauty and joy persist
for those who slow down, who stop
and listen,

who can look past the post card scenery and linger long enough
to hear Gods truest song, and learn that he is there

waiting to enfold you
with his loving embrace,


The picture is from an old mill pond far back in the woods on what used to be my Grandfather's farm in Surry County. It is my own personal "place of peace". You may click on it for a larger version.

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