Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poem: After


Tomorrow, or the day after,
the grass will be greener,
nourished by the rain
that has not yet begun,
but is almost here.

You can smell it's damp heaviness in the air,
and the uniform dark clouds
announce it's immanence.
You are sure of it,
even though it has not arrived,

certain enough that you can see beyond the brown shards
of grass in front of your home,
to something more -
what will be,
on the day after
the rain. -

To life,
and growth,
a softening of the ground and the grass,
to a field alive
with wildflower color,
as it was meant to be.


All afternoon today, I could sense the much needed rain approaching, which is what brought this poem on. While I gave it 1-2 days in the poem, now that the rain has begun, I can already see the grass greening in front of my apartment, and that is such a good thing to see.

The picture is from along the D&H trail in Rupert, VT, a trail along an abandoned train track. You can click on it for a larger version.


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