Saturday, August 30, 2008

A blessed afternoon

I drove up to the Peaks of Otter this afternoon. The last time I was there they had drained the lake and it was a mucky, unsightly mess, but they have begun to fill it again and while it's still low, it is picturesque again, maybe two thirds full. The other third is a sea of green grasses and cat tails.

The cat tails were particularly beautiful. Normally we see pictures of cat tails in the fall, when the fronds have turned all brown and the brown cattails are almost fluffy from opening and releasing their seeds. But this time of year, the fronds are like spring flowers, giant tulip fronds or daylillys, and the cattail is tight and brown, all in all far more beautiful than the fall pictures we so often see.

I have not felt well or been my self this past few weeks, and today, walking in the hot August sun, in the midst of all God's green beauty, I felt a peace come back over me, a peace I have missed for a some time. I was able to simply savor what was there in front of me. I was able to think, ponder and pray in peace.

I expected the Peaks to be busy. It is Labor Day weekend after all. But it was not so busy. A few others were walking around the lake, maybe two or three couples. And there were a few up at the lodge waiting for it to be dinner time. But all in all, it was still. So still you could see the sky and the mountains reflected in the water.

I almost didn't make the trip today. It was so hot, nearly a hundred degrees, and I was tired. I almost gave in and took a nap. But instead I pushed myself to drive up and walk, and by putting myself in nature, turned an ordinary day into a blessed day. I feel better for it.


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