Thursday, July 3, 2008

Creative ramblings on the web.

Some sites I have looked at this week that are kinda fun, creative and worth looking at.



Small cars can look cool - a short history of small cars, very apprapo since gas is moving a lot of us to tiny cars. Design counts more in small cars, I think.

Sesame Street is 39 and still a hotbed of creative fun. Check out their highlight reel on YouTube.

An interesting article on how photography changed the look and design of magazines.

read about Buckminster Fuller exhibit at the Whitney Museum. What a mind! Don't know who Buckminster Fuller was? The man had enough creativity for half a nation and a range that was breathtaking. Here's his profile on Wickopedia. Ya oughta know.

The best global design of 2008.

10 ideas that could change the world. You may not agree, but it's fun to think about and probably would make a great dinner conversation.

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