Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sacred Space

The following comes from Sacred Space, an interactive prayer site I visit almost daily. It's Irish Catholic and I am an American Baptist who attends a Presbyterian church , but there is something about this site and the sacredness of it's thoughts that makes me look at things differently and often sends me to my own bible to read and think on those things. There is a pureness, a mysticalness to it, that attracts me. Here is a sample:

Jesus said, ‘Take up your cross.' (Mark 8:34-35) It is not something you go looking for in faraway places. Sooner or later the Lord hands us a cross, and our job is to recognize it. For each of us there are events that made a difference. Our sorrowful mysteries will be different for each reader. Maybe it was a meeting with a friend, a lover or an enemy. Maybe it was a sickness, or a triumph. We try to see our life through the eyes of faith, with a confidence that God in his Providence can draw good out of the most awful and unwelcome happenings.

This is true wisdom, to find a faith that can carry us through darkness, doubt, and suffering. They call it the mystical phase of religious development, and many of you who form the Sacred Space community are there.

We all need prayer, and starting from statements such as this, the site leads you through a prayer time that has you looking inwardly at ourselves, and upwardly to God. If you are looking for a new way to start a prayer discipline, you might consider Sacred Space.


PS - the picture is of a church in Pawlet, VT, taken early in the morning.

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