Friday, May 30, 2008

Seven Deadly Sins

A while back, while in the midst of a brief writer's drought, I went looking for a writer's prompt, something to write to. I do this often when my own spirits don't seem inspired. Ultimately I came up with the idea of writing a cycle of poems on the Seven Deadly Sins. I thought I would post them here, as something different from my normal fare.

This is the two of them. I'll post the others over the next week or two until this post has them all in it.


Pride, hidden in humility,
hidden from others,
and more, from yourself,

is destructive
to all it touches,
not killing

but wounding,
leaving souls torn
like open sores,
rarely heal.


Not the ancient walls of brick that surround you,
or the rooms of fine antiques,
or the lush carpets beneath your feet,
not the trips to far placees
or the days of leisure.

is enough.

How it must torture you
as you see those with so much less,
who do not suffer your hunger,

for the more
that is always just beyond your grasp,

starving you
in the midst of God's plenty.


I don't have a lot of photos that show the idea of these seven deadly sins, so I turned to Flikr. It seems that a number of photographers there have done cycles of pictures on the them, and it was fun and fascinating to go through them. This one is by mcdiejdh, and you can see more of his pictures here.


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