Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photograph: After Art Class

Some of you know that I have been taking art classes, piggy backing onto a class that Rona has been taking. I've been doing pen and ink pictures for many, many years, but I have always sort of been afraid of color, and art class has been for me, a little liberating as I experiment and play with color.

Ruth Sauer, who runs the North Main Gallery in nearby Salem, NY is our teacher. A delightfully encouraging teacher and an artist who has never lost the childlike sense of "what if?", she's brought out Rona's own inner artist (which is quite good.), and has allowed me to experiment happily, like a child.

My art so far? Well, I am beginning to like what I produce. And much to my surprise, since I am a detailed pen and ink guy, I am finding I have a major impressionistic streak. But this week, I found my palette after I was done far more interesting than my art work.

I'm not quite sure what that means!


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